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Wargasm - Venom

Wargasm - Venom

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Wargasm - Venom

Label: Island - 5821499 - 0602458214994
Format: LP, Album, Camo Woodland
Country: UK
Released: 27th Oct 2023
Genre: Alternative/Modern
Style: Alternative/Modern

Dynamic London-based duo Wargasm return with a bang with their debut album Venom. Lead single “Do It So Good” hinges on pulsating synth loops ravaged by groans of distortion and pummeling beat-craft. It seesaws between iconic lyrics in each verse and shuddering screams as Milkie Way promises, “Baby we came for blood.” The devastatingly ecstatic “Do It So Good” spirals towards one final climactic crescendo, incinerating the boundaries between metal, alternative, and electronic.

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