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Bochum Welt - Module 2 (Preorder 05/04/24)

Bochum Welt - Module 2 (Preorder 05/04/24)

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Bochum Welt - Module 2

Label: - - 4050538987508
Format: LP, Album, Green
Country: UK
Released: 5th Apr 2024
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electronic

28 years after its initial limited pressing on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label, BMG are proud to re-issue this much loved and highly sought after record from electronic artist Bochum Welt. Here is the glorious original Module 2 album with all eight tracks from the 1996 release and add to it five previously unreleased tracks including two live in London performances. The packaging retains the wonderful and quirky original artwork inspired by the revolutionary Commodore Vic20 computer with a distinctive 8-bit graphics feel. Indeed the back panel of the sleeve features a list of type-in program commands that will run on the old Commodore machine and generate the tracklist on-screen.

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