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CIEL - Make It Better (Preorder 15/12/23)

CIEL - Make It Better (Preorder 15/12/23)

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CIEL - Make It Better

Label: - JAZZLIFE80EP - 8717931346900
Format: 12", Transparent
Country: UK
Released: 15th Dec 2023
Genre: Alternative/Modern
Style: Alternative/Modern

The noisy Brighton indie-rock trio combine the 2 EPs they have released in 2023 onto one 8-track limited edition vinyl LP. Musically the band encompass a broad range of alternative terrain, from bouncy house-party grunge, to prime Siouxie Sioux era gothic post punk, full noise-out Autolux or Le Tigre-style distorted drum machines, all tied together with the soft emotive shoegazey vocals of singer Michelle Hindriks.

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