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Cousin Kula - Vitamin D (Preorder 15/03/24)

Cousin Kula - Vitamin D (Preorder 15/03/24)

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Cousin Kula - Vitamin D

Label: - RS59LP - 4062548077100
Format: LP, Album, Black
Country: UK
Released: 15th Mar 2024
Genre: R & B/Neo Soul
Style: R & B/Neo Soul

Feeling like the first shot of sunshine after a long winter, Cousin Kula sound instantly recognisable yet gloriously renewed on their second album Vitamin D. If their debut album Double Dinners was the soundtrack to your heartbreak then this is the sound of falling back in love again. Even the titles of the track-list - "Clothes Off", "Staying With You", "Good Feeling" - boldly set the coordinates for this new body of work. From the opening wash of searing synth chords, bouncing bass, wailing guitar lines and flutters of flute, it's abundantly clear this is a feel good album.

Label boss, Bradley Zero exclaims “I think it’s fair to say that the band have shaken off the collective cobwebs and are ready for a summer of love!”. Vitamin D is for the lovers, but also for the dancers. Cousin Kula have expanded their vocabulary but also learnt when to just sit back in the groove. Funk and disco has permeated their psychedelic indie-soul sound and it’s all the better for it. A quintet of virtuosic musicians, flexing when necessary but more often than not stripping it right back and reveling in the pocket. It’s a rare case of perfect thematic and musical synergy.

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