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Crystal Murray - Sad Lovers And Giants (Preorder 31/05/24)

Crystal Murray - Sad Lovers And Giants (Preorder 31/05/24)

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Crystal Murray - Sad Lovers And Giants

Label: - BEC5613557 - 5056556135579
Format: LP, Album, Crystal Clear
Country: UK
Released: 31st May 2024
Genre: R & B/Neo Soul
Style: R & B/Neo Soul

ntroducing Sad Lovers And Giants, a captivating debut album that delves into the personal journey of self-discovery and emotional exploration. Each song is a heartfelt expression of Crystal’s experiences, painted with raw honesty and authenticity. With a blend of genres and a focus on evoking emotions, this album showcases the duality, embracing both beauty and darkness. It’s a musical striptease, where she bares her soul, using her raw voice to convey the depth of her emotions. Sad Lovers And Giants transcends genres, aiming to touch hearts and connect with listeners on a universal level. It’s an intimate portrayal of the artist’s inner world, inviting you to join on a captivating journey of self-expression and personal growth.

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