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Dan Patlansky - Movin’ On (Preorder 01/03/24)

Dan Patlansky - Movin’ On (Preorder 01/03/24)

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Dan Patlansky - Movin’ On

Label: Dan Patlansky - 3387560 - 0044003387560
Format: 2LP,Album, Black
Country: UK
Released: 1st Mar 2024
Genre: Blues/Gospel
Style: Blues/Gospel

With a discography of 10 studio albums and more than a decade of being revered as a global blues icon, Dan Patlansky has solidified his status as one of the most exceptional blues-based storytellers of his generation, earning legendary recognition worldwide. In 2024, Dan adds to his catalog of music with the release of his 11th studio album, Movie' On.

The album comes after the release of his previous album, Shelter of Bones in 2022, which was voted #2 Best Blues Rock Album of 2022 by Blues Rock Review USA. Voted the #4 Best Guitarist in the world, DAN remains the only artist in the world with two worldwide #1, as well as two worldwide #2, Best Blues Rock albums to his name, as voted by Blues Rock Review USA.

Dan started writing Movin' On in January 2023, collaborating with a writing trio comprising himself, Andy Maritz, and Greg Van Kerkhof. Marking a departure from his prior work and opting for a different approach, he consciously chose not to rely primarily on his own solo writing. Dan describes Andy and Greg as exceptional songwriters who introduced a distinctly fresh perspective and approach to the creative process.

The album was produced by Dan Patlansky and Andy Maritz and recorded at Andy’s studio in Johannesburg, South Africa called Drumheadz. Dan chose Andy as co-producer because he understood and shared his vision for the new record and was willing to record the new material according to his desired perspective.

Movin' On is all about going back to my roots musically; playing and writing music that I love the most. This is without a doubt my most honest and raw offering to date. The older I get, the more important it is for me to play what I truly believe in.” - Dan Patlansky.

Dan describes the album as a no-nonsense, unforgiving and relentless time capsule of how he wants to be remembered. Even with the recording of the record, the focus was to strive for a sound as authentic as a live performance with as little polish and editing as possible.

“My new record is a true representation of myself as an artist, and more importantly - the way I want to be known as an artist. Rediscovering myself, remembering what makes me tick musically, and leaving the past far behind are all themes throughout the album. I wanted to make music that I love without worrying about commercial ideals.”

He chose Movin’ On as the title track to the album because the song speaks for the entire theme of the record as a whole. Whilst performing new songs throughout 2023, Movin’ On also seemed to resonate with audiences on a deeper level, so it was without a doubt the perfect title for his new offering.

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