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Dhani Harrison - INNERSTANDING (Preorder 09/02/24)

Dhani Harrison - INNERSTANDING (Preorder 09/02/24)

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Dhani Harrison - INNERSTANDING

Label: - - 4050538936841
Format: 2LP, Album, Neon Yellow
Country: UK
Released: 9th Feb 2024
Genre: Alternative/Modern
Style: Alternative/Modern

Multi-Grammy Award-winning musician, composer, and artist Dhani Harrison's long career has been anything but ordinary. As an artist who defies categorization, Harrison continues to explore the boundaries of music and creativity. His ability to seamlessly blend diverse influences while maintaining his individuality has solidified his place as a contemporary musical visionary. With each new composition, performance, and collaboration, Harrison invites us to join him on a sonic journey that knows no limits.

Harrison now returns with his new solo album, Innerstanding, featuring collaborations with Graham Coxon (Blur), Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit), Mereki, and more. The album's first single, "Damn That Frequency," serves as a testament to Harrison's unwavering dedication to constructing intricate auditory landscapes. Through his lyrical storytelling and musical artistry, he invites audiences on a transformative cinematic adventure that unfolds within the realm of sound.

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