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Glass Animals - How To Be A Human Being

Glass Animals - How To Be A Human Being

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Glass Animals - How To Be A Human Being

Label: Polydor - 5598732 - 0602455987327
Format: LP, Album, Zoetrope Edition
Country: UK
Released: 29th Sep 2023
Genre: Alternative/Modern
Style: Alternative/Modern

Glass Animals release their highly anticipated new album, How To Be A Human Being via Caroline International / Wolf Tone. How To Be A Human Being is a scrapbook of their time spent on the road, gathering memories and perceptions of different types of people from all around the world. Many of lead singer Dave's lyrical ideas came from live recordings of people saved on his phone, as though he'd been operating as some sort of roaming journalist all this time. Dave made a point of not listening to his contemporaries when making music, preferring to look inwards to the world Glass Animals have built. In crafting this record, his thoughts returned to one factor he couldn't even dream of on Zaba - the huge live audiences they'd been drawing. "You sense what the crowds react to: big drums, bass, high tempo."

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