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JIM WHITE - ALL HITS: MEMORIES (Preorder 29/03/24)

JIM WHITE - ALL HITS: MEMORIES (Preorder 29/03/24)

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Label: Drag City - DC895 - 0781484089513
Format: LP, Album, Black
Country: UK
Released: 29th Mar 2024
Genre: Alternative/Modern
Style: Alternative/Modern

“Jim’s big green eyes search for the right tool (mallet, brush, etc), search you like you’re a song he wants to see if he can add to. The trap kit — so straightforward, so mysterious. Air and light, a vibration sent through prehistoric breath, particles of Saturn’s atmosphere, the dead, wet leaves you walked through...the first day of school....Before humans, drums were playing—these drums. Genesis was a solo drum piece. After humans, these drums, this album. Someone—the last man—is out in a spaceship at the edge of space. He plays a single chord on a synth to set time free from its bind and then lets go. This album sets time free, lets it frolic, lets it graze, lets it remember. This is a record of thoughts, memories, surgery. A deft surgical operation you may not even realise is happening as it’s happening but you’re back on your feet when it’s over. Memories refreshed.” - Bill Callahan

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