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Porcupine Tree - Closure/Continuation

Porcupine Tree - Closure/Continuation

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Label: Music For Nations - 19439966391 - 194399663912
Format: 2LP, Silver Vinyl, 180 gram
Country: UK
Released: 24th June, 2022
Genre: Alternative/Modern

Porcupine Tree - one of the UK’s most forward thinking, genre defying rock bands, return with their first new music in twelve years. Over a decade in the making, Closure/Continuation is released via Music For Nations / Sony.

Porcupine Tree are Steven Wilson, Richard Barbieri and Gavin Harrison. They are a hugely influential, relentlessly creative British rock band. First dreamt up by Wilson in 1987 as an outlet for experimental recordings he was making outside of his synth-pop duo No-Man, Porcupine Tree expanded to become a proper band in the early ’90s in order to further explore his ideas both on record and on stage.

Over the years Porcupine Tree have constantly evolved as their expansive music has shifted from pastoral psychedelic rock and ambient electronic soundscapes to experimental pop and eventually - with “21st century masterpiece” In Absentia (Classic Rock) - a propulsive metal sound all of their own. Their latter records effortlessly combined each of those genres and allowed Porcupine Tree to occupy a musical universe unique to them.

They released ten albums between 1992’s On The Sunday of Life and 2009’s The Incident. The band entered a period of hiatus following their biggest live show up to that point at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2010.

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