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Portishead - PNYC - Roseland NYC Live

Portishead - PNYC - Roseland NYC Live

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Portishead - PNYC - Roseland NYC Live

Label: UMC - 731455942415
Format: Vinyl, LP Black x 2 
Country: UK
Released: 1st Sep 2017
Genre: Alternative/Modern
Style: Alternative/Modern


An incredible live album showcasing Portishead's July 1997 performance at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC, where they were joined by a 35-piece orchestra. Re-working a selection of tracks from both Dummy and the eponymous follow up, PNYC demonstrates how the recorded can translate equally well into the live, given a little inspiration and creativity. Drawing on full string and horn sections and turntablist intervention from Andy Smith, they explore live soundtrack angles, lacing the original versions with measures of Lalo Schifrin, Barry Mancini et al. The neo-classical sounds of Glory Box, post rock of Sour Times, brazen brass jazz of All Mine and theremin-led hip hop of Mysterons all comfortably cohabit the same place, managing to re-work and re-charm their way into your sub conscious. PNYC is a class delivery from Portishead, from the arrangement and production to the performance and orchestration.
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