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Puscifer - Existential Reckoning – Re-Wired

Puscifer - Existential Reckoning – Re-Wired

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Puscifer - Existential Reckoning – Re-Wired

Label: Alchemy Recording / BMG - - 4050538835212
Format: Vinyl, LP Clear with White Smoke
Country: UK
Released: 31st March 2023
Genre: Alternative / Modern
Style: Alternative / Modern


Born somewhere in the Arizona desert, Puscifer is an electro-rock band, multimedia experience, traveling circus, and alien abduction survivors. The group’s catalog consists of three full-length studio albums - ""V” is for Vagina [2007], Conditions of My Parole [2011], Money Shot [2015], and Existential Recknoning [2020] - in addition to a series of EPs and remixes. Puscifer release the final installment of the Existential Reckoning cycle next year with Existential Reckoning – Re-Wired via Alchemy Recording / BMG. The album features remixed and reimagined versions of Existential Reckoning album tracks from the likes of Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Jordan Fish (Bring Me The Horizon), Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens Of The Stone Age), Tony Hajjar (At The Drive In), Phantogram, and more. Beyond the core trio of Maynard James Keenan [vocals], Mat Mitchell [guitar, production], and Carina Round [vocals, songwriting], the group’s ever-evolving ecosystem encompasses a cast of characters such as Billy D and his wife Hildy Berger, Major Douche, Special Agent Dick Merkin, and many more. Meanwhile, the moniker’s origins can be traced to a 1995 episode of the HBO classic Mr. Show where Keenan first utilized the name “Puscifer.” In addition to tallying tens of millions of streams and views, they’ve piqued the curiosity of press.
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