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Simon Fisher Turner - Instability of the Signal (Preorder 02/08/24)

Simon Fisher Turner - Instability of the Signal (Preorder 02/08/24)

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Simon Fisher Turner - Instability of the Signal

Label: - STUMM504 - 5400863141974
Format: LP,Album, Black
Country: UK
Released: 2nd Aug 2024
Genre: Modern Composition
Style: Modern Composition

Renowned composer Simon Fisher Turner presents his brand new album Instability of the Signal, released via Mute. Recorded by Simon Fisher Turner and Music Producers Guild Awards winner Francine Perry, this 13-track album is an intricate exploration of sound, inspired by the creative minds of Breda Beban, Hrvoje Horvatic, and poet Harold Pinter, whose verses, 'Democracy' and 'The Special Relationship’, feature on the record. It pulls together four strands of Fisher Turner's sonic experimentation, which he identifies as Slivers, Sounds, Strings, and Singing. The 'slivers' are tiny snippets of audio he used as source material for the tracks, all originally created by Salford Electronics (aka David Padbury), and reworked by Fisher Turner into foundations for entire tracks. The record also includes beautiful string arrangements by the Elysian Collective, who have toured with Pulp and feature on the latest releases from The Last Dinner Party and Pet Shop Boys.

Like Fisher Turner's long and varied career, Instability of The Signal is an accumulation of experience, effervescent memories, sounds and textures. It contains hidden learnings. It is about how restorative singing of ourselves and to ourselves can be but is also a document of times and places delivered in beautifully impressionistic palettes of sounds and voices. It is also another document of Fisher Turner's remarkable life and unshakeable curiosity about sound.

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