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Soen - Atlantis

Soen - Atlantis

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Soen - Atlantis

Label: BMG - 190296125522
Format: Vinyl, LP Black x 2
Country: UK
Released: 18th Nov 2022
Genre: Metal 
Style: Metal


The engaging, enchanting, cutting, yet beautiful Swedish metal supergroup Soen release a very special concert film, Atlantis, featuring 13 of the groups most popular compositions reinterpreted with live orchestral accompaniment. The perfect way for Soen to celebrate a decade together, Atlantis was created within the mystic and magical confines of Atlantis Grammofon Studio in Stockholm, Sweden, which has seen a wide range of international artists record, from Quincy Jones to Lenny Kravitz to Green Day.

Formerly a movie house in 1941, it went on to become Metronome Studio (during which time ABBA was born) before becoming Atlantis Grammofon in 1983. Filmed and recorded on December 10th 2021, Martin Lopez (drums and percussion), Joel Ekelöf (lead vocals), Lars Enok Åhlund (guitars and piano), Cody Lee Ford (lead guitar) and Oleksii “Zlatoyar” Kobel (bass) worked together with an 8-piece orchestra to reinterpret and rediscover fresh energy and elements in classic Soen songs, such as “Antagonist”, “Monarch”, “Jinn” and “Lucidity”, as well as introducing the brand new piece “Trials” and a stunning interpretation of Slipknot’s deeply dark meditation on darkness rejecting love, “Snuff”.

The end result of this 80 minutes performance is some remarkable new aural refractions of Soen’s greatest material for fans to absorb and enjoy. As has always been the way with Soen, the deepest dives yield the greatest treasures. Atlantis was recorded by David Castillo and Iñaki Marconi, mixed by Castillo, and mastered by Tony Lindgren.
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