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The Unknowns - East Coast Low (Preorder 24/05/24)

The Unknowns - East Coast Low (Preorder 24/05/24)

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The Unknowns - East Coast Low

Label: - DRUNKENSAILOR169 - 5056321696342
Format: LP, Album, Black
Country: UK
Released: 24th May 2024
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Style: Punk/Hardcore

European release of The Unknowns second LP, released on Bargain Bin Records in Australia. The Brisbane-based then-trio released one of the greatest punk albums of the roaring twenties (so far) with Nothing Will Ever Stop back in late 2020. Now a foursome following the addition of The Chats' Eamon Sandwich on guitar, The Unknowns have returned with an even better follow-up. Basically the sound is classic punk rock with a ton of energy and catchy tunes (what else would you expect from Australia?). Yet at the same time, this album aligns beautifully with modern-day garage punk, power pop, and straight-up rock n' roll. East Coast Low packs ten tracks of punchy sing-along punk rock into 23 and a half minutes of pure fun. Songs like "Dianne," "Rid of You," "Thinking About You," and "I Don't Know" prove once again that there's a certain kind of itch that only old school punk rock n' roll can scratch. Australia never misses.

For fans of Cosmic Psychos, The Saints, Stiff Richards, The Chats.

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