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Various - 50 Years Of Hip Hop: The Solo MC Jams - Black Friday 2023

Various - 50 Years Of Hip Hop: The Solo MC Jams - Black Friday 2023

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Various - 50 Years Of Hip Hop: The Solo MC Jams - Black Friday 2023

Label: - Tuff City - TUFLP0905
Format: LP, Album Yellow & 7" 
Country: UK
Released: 24th Nov 2023
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Hip Hop 


Tuff City anthology of early Hip-Hop solo performers with insert 7" half on red, half on yellow vinyl featuring Spoonie Gee, T-SkiValley, Ultramagnetic MC’s featuring Kool Keith, Grandmaster Caz, etc. Tuff City is pleased to present the best possible reissue program of Hip-Hop's first decade. These reissues were made as a tribute to Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary. Each volume represents an important facet of performers on Tuff City: The Solo MC’s, The MC Crews, The DJ’s and The Female MC’s. Each volume features an inner sleeve with liner notes and bonus 7” insert. Each pressing consists of 750 on red vinyl and 750 of an opaque color specific to the volume (Yellow, Gold, Blue, Orange). A bonus 7” single is slipped in the cover encased in a Tuff City logo sleeve in the style of its iconic 12” singles. The series was also conceptualized as a multiset release to stand side by side with the classic Old School Rarities series (The Funky Drum Jams, The Electro Jams, The Linn Drum Jams & The Disco Jams) issued by our Ol’ Skool Flava imprint.

The Solo MC’s kicks off with Harlem’s pioneering Spoonie Gee’s influential “Spoonin’ Rap” from 1979. “Catch The Beat” from T-Ski Valley captures the post-Disco Bronx era of Rap. The side closes with the underground personality Funkmaster Wizard Wiz whose “Knucklehead Rappers” came after he broke from The Undefeated Three. Brooklyn’s Jimmy Spicer delivers a 14+ minute marathon “Adventures of Super Rhyme (Rap).” Grandmaster Caz from Cold Crush is paired with the Fantastic’s Whipper Whip for “To All The Party People” Captain G Whiz from Freddy B’s Mighty Mic Masters closes with his solo 12” track “All The Way Live.” The bonus single features a Kool Keith solo from the Ultramagnetic MCs backed with Grandmaster Caz by himself doing “I’m What Is and You’re What Wants To Be.”
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